Client Testimonials

Testimonial: We operate a Med Spa, and Kelvin is providing for all of our insurance needs. I have been very impressed with his service because I highly recommend his services. Tom Cramer, CEO Flash Teeth Whitening, LLC

Testimonial: For almost 10 years we have enjoyed the professional and specialized service of Abbey Insurance and its owner, Kevin Brett, for our Hair Salon Milano in Colorado. His advice and assistance has been of great value to us. We are happy to refer his company and services to other businesses. Alvaro Pisoni President & CEO

Testimonial: Kelvin at Abbey Insurance and Tax Services has been doing my taxes and insurance for my small business for several years. Kelvin is so wonderful and extremely helpful. He answers all my questions, ... gives me a direction to help me get everything organized and makes the whole process very easy even though I'm an out-of-state client. Kelvin is very timely and always responds to me quickly. At times it seems like he might actually work 24 hours a day! I've been a very happy client and will continue to work with Abbey Insurance and Tax Services. - Kristen Z

Testimonial: Abbey Insurance and Tax Services (Let me see ...where to start first). Mr. Kelvin, he went out of his way to inquire as much information for us on insurance and tax services for our specific ... needs. He was very professional, knowledgeable, time considerate, and extremely affordable, that was not even what we asked about the money savings was last on our mind, trust and accountability were first! so most of all we, both my husband and I felt a Trust of his skills and services he offers and one thing for sure we were happy to know, that at any time we could get in contact with the office and promptly get a response. He was very dedicated to our specific needs. And not the benefiting of his own growth but to directly work on helping insure we had as many facts and information for our situation. Either way, if we chose to use his services or not he just was honest. (I will work just as hard. Said Mr. Kelvin Brett. ) Truth forth good or bad no skipping answers he just laid it out there an

Testimonial: We came to know about Abby Insurance & Tax Services years ago through our PBA at the ISSE Show. It was really a no brainer to contact them since they were recommended by a trusted source. However, what keeps us as return clients each year is the confidence in knowing we are truly covered, with our own individual policy, paired with the best support team to help you select the plan that's right for you. Most people think they have their own policy, but only find out they are on a group plan with less protection than was represented to them at the moment they need it most! Kelvin Brett took the time to educate me and my husband on exactly what our coverage means so if you like to be an informed beauty professional, you will appreciate Kelvin! It is evident to me that he understands that time is money in our industry, more than most, that his integrity for what he does guides us to a trusted insurance provider year after year. We couldn't be happier! - -Shane and Alina Zade

Testimonial: I know mine is not a high dollar policy for Kelvin however, you treat me like I was bringing in thousands of dollars a year. I know I ask the same questions over and over, but you are very patient and respectful. Every time I have reached out to you, you always get back to me in a timely fashion. I truly appreciate your professionalism. - Regards, Dennis James